Street Legal

At Mike's Golf Carts our street legal carts in both Williamstown, NJ and Ocean View, NJ have made cruising the streets a whole lot more eco-friendly. These aren't your average golf carts, they're sleek, modern Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) that let you navigate the town and Jersey Shore with ease, style, and a commitment to the environment.

Ditch the gas-guzzling routine, trying to find parking near the beach, and rush hour blues. Mike's Golf Carts' electric LSVs run whisper-quiet, leaving behind minimal carbon footprint and noise pollution. Imagine gliding around the Jersey Shore with the wind in your hair and a clear conscience – pure bliss, indeed.

Safety Always, Fun Endlessly

At Mike's Golf Carts, safety is paramount without compromising on style. Our street legal golf carts in in both locations are equipped with all the necessary DMV-approved features for confident cruising:

  • Bright, clear headlights and taillights: See and be seen, day or night.
  • Turn signals, horns, and brake lights: Communicate clearly with other drivers.
  • Rearview mirrors: Stay aware of your surroundings.
  • DOT Seat belts: Buckle up and enjoy the ride with peace of mind.

Mike's Golf Carts goes beyond mere function; it's about personalization. We offer a curated selection of new and pre-owned street legal carts from top brands like Honor LSV, Elite Alset EV, Vcarts, and more. Come visit Mike's Golf Carts today and take your first step towards a whole new way of getting around. Our staff is all family, there are no salesman or commissions here, we will educate you on the products and can help you find the perfect cart for you!

* Please note that we do not charge or add freight, prep, setup, misc, or any other deceptive fees to our pricing, all prices shown are out the door with the exception of tax or tags when applicable!

Street Legal Golf Carts
2 Seat"
2 Seat
4 Seat"
4 Seat
4 Seat Lifted"
4 Seat Lifted
6 Seat"
6 Seat
6 Seat Lifted"
6 Seat Lifted
Used Street Legal"
Used Street Legal