2014 Yamaha Drive 48 volt electric custom golf cart, Electric Blue Metallic

$5,999 + Tax

In Stock


2014 Used Yamaha Drive 48 volt electric custom Electric Blue Metallic golf cart including  : 

  • Custom professionally painted Electric Blue Metallic on oem body
  • New LED head and tail lights
  • New flip down seat kit with matching upholstery
  • Fresh professionally reupholstered all black upholstery
  • New clear fold down windshield kit
  • 12″ black/machined wheels with new low pro street tread tires
  • Existing stock stone tan roof with gutters and handles (new extended black roofs also available)
  • Good tested batteries (or upgrade to new see below)
  • Good tested yamaha charger (or upgrade to new)
  • 90 day warranty on cart and charger

$5,999 + tax with good tested batteries

$6,699 + tax with brand new batteries